The Zelienople Airport is a public general aviation facility operated and managed by the Zelienople Airport Authority (ZAA). The 5 members of ZAA are appointed by the Borough Council of Zelienople in accordance with the The Municipality Authorities Act of 1945 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The members of the ZAA elect their officers and appoint the supporting staff. The following is a list of the current management:

Name Telephone E-mail
Thomas Surgalski, Chairman 724-452-4779 tompilot1@verizon.net
Jack Bonus, Vice Chairman 724-452-8722 jackbonus@jackbonus.com
Russell E. Robertson, Secretary
& Right-To-Know Officer
724-452-1315 rbtson@zoominternet.net
Don Wentz, Treasurer
& Asst. Secretary
724-452-5537 dmwentz@verizon.net
Gregg Semel 724-999-9329 greggsemel@gmail.com
David Holman, Airport Manager 724-452-4719 holman@PittsburghJet.com

The Zelienople Airport Authority conducts their monthly meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. at the Zelienople Municipal Building, 2nd floor, which is located at 111 W. New Castle St, Zelienople, PA.

Inquiries, requests for information and minutes of ZAA meetings should be made at the airport office via the Airport Manager.

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